Baby Fox's Unforgettable Journey

baby fox in the water
Hey, Where Am I?

When he opened his eyes, the baby fox found himself surrounded by water, floating alone on a wooden log. A flash flood took the wood log along with it, where the baby was sleeping. He closed his eyes tight because he didn’t know what to do next to escape.

“There is no way to escape, so enjoy the journey, he thought. “Hey baby fox, where are you sailing?” he heard a familiar sound from the banks of the river. It was none other than his best buddy, the baby elephant.

“Hey buddy, I am trapped in these floodwaters, which are taking me to a place unknown to me. I want to return to my home, my mother would be missing me,” screamed the fox. “Don’t worry, I will help you. I know how to swim,” and he jumped into the river. But the flow of the undercurrent was too strong that the baby elephant also started to drowning away. Now it was elephant mother’s turn. She ran ahead of them and jumped into the water. She swam to them and could stop them and brought the babies to safety.

Baby Fox’s mother was happy to see her baby again. She was worried about her baby and searched for him everywhere. She thanked the baby and mother elephant for their help.


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