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Baby Elephant Hide And Seek

Mother, I Am Happy To See You!

One day, the baby elephant and his mother elephant were hide and seek. The baby elephant selected a hiding place that was difficult to reach. Mother elephant looked for her son everywhere but couldn’t find him. She was worried about her son.

A few hours passed by. The baby elephant in his hiding place got bored and tired. He was hungry too!. “If I stay here some more time, my mother wouldn’t be able to find me, I’ll be in trouble. So I will better move to a place where my mother could find him easily,” the baby elephant said to himself.

The baby elephant slowly walked to an open place for his mother to locate him. Soon, his mother found him.

“Ah, I found you,” said the mother elephant.

“Mother, I am happy to see you. I am hungry,” cried the baby elephant.

“Come, baby, let’s go to a place where a lot of sugarcane is growing. We’ll have a feast on sugarcane today, happy?” asked the mother elephant. The baby elephant was happy and loved to eat sugarcane. “Hey, mother, let’s go fast to the place of sugarcane. I’m hungry,” screamed the baby elephant.

Both mother and baby elephants walked to the place where there was plenty of sugarcane growing.

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