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Avoiding The Cunning Fox

Oh, the fox again!

The Monster Encounter

The mother rabbit saw a pair of eyes shining in the night. “Oh, that nasty fox, it found my home again. Now, I must move from here also. What should I do now?” the rabbit had a brainstorming session in her mind.

Just then, the rabbit remembered the monster mask she got last time when she was in the amusement park. A boy threw it at her, and she took that home for her children to play. The rabbit went inside her home to wear that monster mask. When she came out of the house. The cunning fox was still sitting there with the pair of shining eyes.

When the fox saw the monster, it was shocking. “Oh, I have mistaken the rabbit for a monster. It was not a rabbit, but a monster in disguise, I have to flee now, or it will kill me,” thought the fox. He ran away and never came searching for the rabbits again.

When the rabbit went inside her home, her children were amused to see their mother wearing the face mask. “Hey, are you trying to frighten us? We know that it’s just a mask,” the rabbit kids laughed at their mother. “Oh, you are my brave children. Nobody can frighten you! she hugged them, and they went to sleep.

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