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A Flash Of Light, And It's Gone!

Wow, It's a rabbit!

The Spoiled Hunt

It was a cold night. The lion was out hunting.

“Hey, what is moving there?” the lion jumped into the bush. What he saw made him dance with joy.

“Wow, it’s a rabbit. Today is a good day for me. Let me start with the rabbit. The rabbit meat is a great appetite,” the lion thought. Suddenly a flash of light fell upon the lion and the rabbit. The lion got terrified.

“Where is this light coming from?” The lion had no idea.

“I think some monsters are here to eat me. I should escape now,” thought the lion, and the lion fled from the scene. The rabbit heaved a sigh of relief. It was a narrow escape for the rabbit.

“I got a nice picture,” the wildlife photographer Mr. Tom was happy at the lion photo he took.

The light was from a wildlife photographer trying to capture a lion in action.

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