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A Day In A Crocodile's Life

I hope to take some rest here!

The sun was shining brighter in the sky. The crocodile slowly came out of the river and made itself comfortable on the top of a rock.

“Tweet, tweet, how are you? Mr. Crocodile?” It was the cleaning bird who came to clean the crocodile teeth.

“I am fine,” said the crocodile. The croc opened its mouth wide open. The bird went inside its mouth and began to clean its teeth.

Don’t worry! The crocodile won’t eat these birds. When the bird cleans the crocodile teeth, it gets its food out of the cleaning. It’s not a free service.

“Ok, Mr. Crocodile, cleaning is over. You may shut your mouth,” said the birds, and they flew away.

The crocodile again dived into the river.

It’s Time for Hunt

Some buffalos are coming to drink water. The crocodile was on high alert. It’s time for the hunt. Only if he could catch a good buffalo, who comes to drink water from the river, the crocodile can throw a party tonight.

“Ah, here comes a big one,” whispered the croc.

“I got you,” the crocodile tried to grab one of the buffalo legs. But unlucky he was, and lucky the buffalo. The crocodile lost his hunt. The buffalo somehow got managed to escape.

Although its first hunting attempt was a disaster, he is hopeful. The crocodile is patient, waiting for the next batch of animals to come. Hope he can organize the party tonight.

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