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The Trapped Elephant

Oh/ Somebody Please Help Me!

“What are you doing inside this pit”?

Arnold, the strong elephant, had fun in fighting with other animals. It was his favorite hobby to thrash those weak animals living in the forest. All animals in the forest were afraid of Arnold.

On a hot summer afternoon, the thirsty Arnold walked to a lake to get some water. The lake was on the other side of the forest.  Suddenly he felt somebody is pulling him down. He didn’t understand what the hell is happening, found himself fallen into a pit. It was a deep pit dug by elephant hunters to trap elephants.

A little bird saw Arnold in the pit. “What are you doing inside this pit”? the bird joked at him. “Can’t you see, I am trapped,” the angry elephant replied. “I will help you to come out of the pit, but on a condition.” the bird said. “What is your silly condition?” Arnold asked the bird. “If you promise me that you will be a good elephant for the rest of your life, I will help you.” the bird said.

“You are too small to help me,” the arrogant elephant rejected her offer. But the bird said that very soon hunters will be back anytime, and kill him to take his beautiful long teeth. He had to decide fast on the bird’s offer. Finally, Arnold agreed to cooperate with the bird.

So the bird flew away to see whether she can get some help. She saw a group of elephants grazing in a meadow. She told them about the trapped Arnold. The elephants were hesitant to help, because of the bad behavior of Arnold. But the bird insisted that they should help him, and said that he promised to become a good elephant.  Finally, the elephants agreed to help Arnold. With the help of a strong rope, they helped Arnold to come out of the pit. Arnold was grateful for the rescue. He thanked the bird and other elephants for their effort to save him from the trap.  Arnold lived as a good elephant, helping others rest of his life.

See how the little bird could help a big elephant with her brain. The moral of the story is this. Stop bullying, never underestimate the strength of others.

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Rich : If you are not careful your life is in danger.

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