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It's time for a long howling!

Young Fox All By Himself

The young fox had a long day. Having so much to do, the fox is always busy, running here and there, looking for food, and trapping small animals like rabbits, which are his favorite dish.

The young fox is always on the move. Its life is not easy at all. He has a tough time dealing with other predators who are stronger than him, especially in the winter. The fox has to learn life lessons by himself, like spotting the hunt.

Sometimes a fox will face a tough time tackling the hyenas, who are the unexpected visitors, the hyenas, to get a share in its hard-earned hunt.  The hyenas come in groups, so dealing with hyenas require special skills. Even the lions hate them to see around. The fox will have to negotiate with hyenas. There are a lot of skills a fox needs in its fox life.

At the end of the day, the fox comes here at sunset for a long howling. It’s a joyous occasion for every fox to let the world know it had a great day.