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You Have Got A Pricey Catch

Nice Catch!

The hungry fox spotted a bear catching fish. The bear was catching fish with its bare hand and eating it. The fox couldn’t resist his temptation to eat fish. But he had no idea how to catch a fish or have any patience to catch a fish. “If I ask the bear for fish, he may not give it. I have to plan a trick to get the fish from the bear,” thought the fox.

“Bravo, Mr. Bear. You did it. I love the way you are fishing. I think no other animal can catch fish like you. You must be trained on this art of fishing,” the cunning fox started praising the bear.

The bear was happy to hear the praising fox. “Thanks for that compliment, Mr. Fox. Now take this fish. I can catch one again,” said the bear and threw that fish to the fox.

The fox was happy with the plan he worked out. He ate the fish and went home happy. 

The fox gets its food by praising others. Every time he’s hungry, he goes to other animals and watches them hunting. When they get something, the fox will start praising them, and the fox gets his share! He is indeed a smart fox who plays his cards very well.

Story Discussion

Luke: Smart fox. He learnt the easy way to hunt.

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