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Cat Horse Rider

Let's Go Now!

The cat had a dream. He wanted to ride upon a horse. So one day, he went to the horse and requested him a free ride.

“Horse, Horse, will you please take me for a ride? It’s my dream to ride on a horseback” asked the little cat.

“Why not, jump up on my back. I will definitely give you a free ride,” smiled the horse.

The cat sat on the horseback. The excited cat felt like he was on top of the world. It was a dream come true for the cat!

The horse started walking. At first, it was fun for the cat. But slowly, the horse increased its speed and began to run. This time the cat got afraid and started crying. He couldn’t hold on to the horseback. Horse stopped. “Ah, thank you, Mr. Horse, for that ride,” said the cat. He got down from the horse and went home, happy to tell everybody about his adventurous horseback ride.

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