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Why You Should Never Go Near A Ship

Hey, do like this

“If you spot a ship, stay away from its path. You never go near a ship, as it can kill us. Every ship has a monster inside that pushes the ship through the ocean. If you go near a ship, the monster can kill you,” said the mother whale. She was referring to the huge propeller fan that powers the ship.

The mother blue whale was teaching her son vital safety lessons to stay safe underwter.

The son listened to his mother and promised his mother that he would not go near any ship.

“Look there, can you see a black spot?” the mother asked her son.

“Yes, mother, I can see that black spot. It is growing big in size,” said the son.

“You are right. That’s a ship coming on our way. Let’s go and hide somewhere,” said the mother.

Both whales, from a distance saw the huge ship passing through their way. The ship sounded its horn as it passed them as if it saw the whales.

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