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Who Will Be The Winner, The Hare Or The Tortoise?

Oops, he is crossing the river

Once upon a time, an arrogant hare was living in the forest. He thought he was the fastest animal in the forest. But he never got a chance to prove himself before others. So the hare waited for an opportunity to prove himself. One day, the arrogant hare met a tortoise.

“Um, I think I can use this slow-moving guy to get fame for myself,” thought the hare. So the hare challenged the tortoise to a race. The tortoise readily accepted the challenge.

The race started officially by a monkey blowing a trumpet. The hare was quick to start. In no time, the hare was ahead of the tortoise. The slow-moving tortoise also started the race, but walking slowly. Everybody thought that the hare was going to win the race.

Unexpected Turn Of Events

But the race path had a river to cross. The hare reached the river and stopped there. Because the hare couldn’t swim. So, the hare waited for the tortoise to see how it would conquer the river.

Then the tortoise came after a few hours, slowly, but he was steadfast. The tortoise had confidence beaming on its face.

The tortoise didn’t stop at the river. It simply stepped into the river and swam across. The hare was shocked. The arrogant hare didn’t expect that. The tortoise was declared the winner of the race. The hare who wanted to get fame by winning the race lost his fame.

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