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Tiger And The Cow

What is that hanging on your neck?

Every now and then, the tiger visits the village to hunt animals. One day, the tiger saw a cow grazing in the meadow. The tiger went near to the cow. Seeing the cow was panicked, but she knew that the tiger couldn’t do her in the village.

“What is this ugly thing hanging around on your neck? It ruins your beauty. Get rid of it!” the tiger advised the cow.

“Oh, are you asking about this bell? This is a bell, which makes a sound when I walk. If it sounds loud, my owner will get alerted that something is wrong with me,” said the innocent cow.

Be Free, My Dear!

“I feel sorry about you. You are living like a slave here. Look at me! I am a free tiger. I can go anywhere I would like.  Let’s elope from here and have adventures together. Come with me. I will take you to places you have never been to, where you will get plenty of grass to eat,” said the tiger.

“No, I won’t come. I am good here. I don’t like adventures,” said the cow.

That reply provoked the tiger. It tried to drag the cow to his place so that he and his friends could eat the cow. But the cow started running, and the tiger chased the cow. The cow’s bell sounded loud. The owner of the cow heard the bell ringing, and came with a gun. When the tiger saw the man with the gun, it ran away.

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