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When The Snow Melts

This is so good!

“The water in this river is so sweet,” the tiger said to the bird.

“Yeah, it’s because the water is so pure, coming from the high mountain,” said the bird.

“Hey, how come the mountain gives us the water?” asked the tiger.

“Look at the top of the mountain. What do you see?” asked the bird.

“I see snow,” said the tiger.

“You are right. When the sun comes, the snow melts and creates a stream of water. There are many streams like that flowing together down the valley feeding this river.” said the bird.

“I admire your knowledge. How wonderful God’s work is!” exclaimed the tiger.

“Thanks, bro. You are right about God. God created everything so right. Do you often come here to drink water?” asked the bird.

“Yes, I live on the other side of the mountain. But there is no river on the other side of the mountain. So I come all the way to drink water from this river,” said the tiger. The tiger quenched its thirst and went to the other side of the mountain where he came from. The bird also flew away.

Story Discussion

George: Snow melts becomes water. Water freezes becomes snow

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