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What Made This Bear Go To School!

The bear didn’t like to go to school. He was a lazy fellow who couldn’t understand the good thing about going to a school. One day, the bear was on its new bike riding saw a little fox. It was a holiday for the schoolgoing fox.

“Hey, Mr. Fox, are you coming for a ride?” the bear invited the fox to ride with him.

“Of course, I would like to have a ride on your brand-new bike. I will sit behind,” said the fox as it jumped on the bike.

The bear pedaled the bike, and they reached a place they saw a sign board.

“Hey, Mr. Fox, as you know, I have never been to a school. So I don’t know how to read. Can you please read this signboard for me?” asked the bear.

The bear read the sign board. “Hey, it’s written Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted,” said the fox.

“What does that mean?” asked the bear.

“I think it’s private property. If anybody crosses this board will get punishment,” said the fox.

“It’s good that I took you along with me. Let’s go back,” said the bear and rode back.

“I think I also should go to school,” said the bear.

“Yes, you should go to school to read these signboards and travel freely,” encouraged the fox.

From the next day, the bear also went to school along with the fox. He enjoyed his school days, learning alphabets and numbers and became a smart bear.


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