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Watching The Shooting Star

Look at that the bright star is even brighter and moving fast!

It was a summer midnight with no clouds in the sky. Mother and baby bear were walking through the meadows. The sky was filled with stars. The baby bear was fascinated seeing the starlit sky.

“Mom, these stars are blinking at me. Look at that star. I think that star is trying to tell me something,” said the baby bear.

“Son, look down while walking, or you will fall on a rock,” the bear’s mother scolded the baby bear.

“Mom, look at that. That star is coming to me,” the baby bear screamed.

The mother looked up. She saw the star moving at a great speed.

“Son, it’s called a shooting star. Don’t worry about it. It won’t fall upon you. It will disappear soon,” said the mother bear. They watched the bright shining shooting star disappear in the sky.

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