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You Got A New Ringtone

I am tricked!

Once upon a time, there lived a silly cat who made the lives of the rats hell. The rats were in constant fear of attack by the cat.

One of the clever rats had an idea. To buy a bell for the cat tied to the cat’s neck, so that every time the cat walks, the rats could hear the bell and get enough time to find a hiding place.

As planned, a shiny bell was bought from the market. But the big question was who was daring enough to tie the bell to the cat’s neck.

“Don’t worry, my fellow rats, with careful planning, we can do it!” it was the same clever rat who suggested the idea of the bell. The clever came forward to take the risk of tying the bell on the cat’s neck.

The clever rat waited for the cat to fall asleep. When the cat was sleeping, the clever rat slowly tip-toed toward the cat with the bell in its hand. A single mistake would land him in trouble. The rat carefully put each step forward and tied the bell to the cat’s neck. The mission was completed without any problems.

After some time, the cat woke up, stretched, and yawned. Ding-dong, the bell chimed. The cat again stretched, and the bell again chimed.

“Hey, what is this making this annoying sound?  The cat looked around, but it couldn’t understand where the sound was coming from. The annoying sound made the cat mad. To every place the cat went, the bell chimed.

When the rats hear the bell, they go and hide. After a long time, the rats got rid of the silly cat and enjoyed a trouble-free life. All admired the clever rat for its cleverness and braveness.

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