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Waiting For The Rain

cow and the rooster

Cow And The Rooster

“What’s up, bro?” the cow asked the rooster who was desperately searching for something in the ground..

“I am looking for some fresh worms to eat breakfast. Getting good worms is nowadays rare,” said the rooster.

“Oh, I see. You are right, I am also having a hard time getting fresh grass to eat. I don’t know how long this summer will continue like this. This time its tough on us, waiting for the rain to fall from the sky. Only then we’ll get something good to eat, Nowadays I am producing less milk because of less food,” the cow shared her thoughts.

“You are right bro., let’s wait for the rain! It’s indeed a blessing from the heavens. All we need is a thunderstorm,” said the rooster and walked to the backyard to continue her search for the worms.

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