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Helping A Wounded Tiger

Who's There?

The young tiger was in desperate need of medical help. Badly wounded in a fierce battle with a bear, the tiger has to get help immediately. Now he is in the village looking for some help, slowly walked through the darkness.

A dog who saw the tiger began to bark. “Please, please, do not bark at me, my dear friend. If you bark, the villagers will come and kill me. I am here to seek help, can you please help me,” asked the tiger. “I don’t know how can I help you,” said the dog.

“You see, I am badly wounded, can you please take me to the vet?” the tiger requested. “Sure, please come with me,” said the dog. Both the animals walked to the vet. As it was night time, the vet had already left the clinic. He will come only the next day. So the tiger has to wait. The dog asked to take rest under a banyan tree. They both slept under that tree. The next day, the vet came.

Seeing his new patient, the vet was really shocked, was about to run. But then the dog started barking explained the bad condition of the tiger. “Please help him out doctor,” said the dog. The doctor carefully applied the medicine to the tiger’s wounds. “Now you can go, you’ll be alright within a few days, the vet said. The tiger was happy and expressed his gratitude to the vet and the dog disappeared into the forest.

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