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The Monkey Visitor

I want to know more about you!

A pig grazing in the meadows saw a monkey. The pig was seeing a monkey for the first time.

“Hey, who are you? Where are you coming from? I’ve never seen you here before,” said the pig.

“I am a wandering monkey. I come from the nearby forest. I jumped from tree to tree and reached this place. I saw you and wanted to befriend you,” said the monkey.

“Oh, sure, we are friends from now onwards,” said the pig. He was happy to get a friend outside the pig circle.

They both shared their adventures. The monkey told the pig how adventurously it lives in the forest, jumping from tree to tree to find food.

“I love to eat fruits and nuts,” said the monkey.

“Oh, I see. Come with me, please have lunch with me,” said the pig.

The monkey followed the pig. The pig took the monkey to the pig farm, where the pig and its friends lived. The pig introduced his new friend to other pigs. They all were excited to see a monkey.

The pig shared his lunch with the monkey. The monkey had never eaten such delicious food in his life. He was happy. After lunch, the monkey had a great time with the pigs. He also had a short nap.

It was evening. The monkey had to go home.

“Goodbye friends. It’s a great experience spending time with you guys. I’ll come again,” said the monkey.

“We are glad to receive a guest like you. Come again,” said the pigs. The monkey left for the forest, jumping from tree to tree.

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