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True Friendship Really Helps!

dog and the elephant cartoon
Can you be my friend?

A dog a saw big elephant walking on the road. The dog wanted to befriend the elephant and followed her. After some time, the elephant saw the dog is following him. “Why are you following me?” the elephant asked. “I want to make you my friend,” he said. “I can’t be your friend, because I make friends with somebody stronger than me.” the elephant arrogantly replied. That made the dog very sad, and he returned home.

I make friendship with those who are stronger than me!

In the evening, while the elephant was coming back, she saw the dog. She was very sad. She stopped at the dog and said sorry about behaving arrogantly. The dog asked why she is so sad. “My cute baby is missing, I couldn’t find him, I looked for him all day, but still I couldn’t find her, that is why I am very sad,” she said.

“Ok let me try, you know that I have a strong sense of smell, which I think can help us here. Follow me,” and the dog started running. After a few hours, the dog found the missing elephant baby stranded in a remote place. The mother elephant was so happy to get her baby back. “Now we are friends,” the elephant said. “Yes, we are friends forever,” he dog said.