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Why This Train Is Screaming?

elephant and the train story
Thanks for your patience, dear

The train whistled loudly to the elephant, “please don’t come any near to me. I can’t break at a short distance. Stay where you are!”

When a train passes through the tunnel, it sometimes encounters such a situation, elephants trying to cross the rail. So the train engine is always alert if any elephant is on the rail and issue warning through its long whistle. 

This young elephant was trying to cross the rail because the rest of its herd had already crossed. Hearing the train’s long scream,  the elephant stopped to let the train go. “Thank you for your patience,” said the train engine while it passed through the tunnel.

The elephant is smart enough to understand the train saved itself from being hit by the powerful engine. After the train passed, the young elephant hurriedly crossed the rail to join the herd. The elephant herd was waiting for the young elephant.

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