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This Frog Is Guarding A Big Secret

It's all gold and diamnonds inside

The Unclaimed Tresure Chest!

Hi folks, How are you? You might be wondering what I am doing here. Can you spot a treasure chest behind me? Well, I am guarding the treasure chest. It’s been here for a long time. Generation after generation, we frogs are safeguarding this chest.

I am waiting for the person who will reach here first, to hand it over. Sometimes, I feel nobody will come here because this is the remotest place on the earth. The snakes hidden on the way can bite anybody who is not careful. One has to pass several hurdles on the way to reach here.  One guy has almost made it, but when he saw all the glittering gold and diamonds, collapsed and died.

Hope somebody will come and take it, and my duty is over.

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