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Why are you doing this?

Toto The Tiger And The Rabbit

The young tiger named Toto loved to nap in the shade during the warm afternoons. One day after Toto was awoken from his nap by a pesky rabbit hopping around him. Toto was very tired after a long chase.

“Who disturbed my sleep?” Toto opened his eyes and saw the rabbit hopping around. Toto growled at the rabbit, hoping it would run away and leave him to sleep. However, the rabbit seemed undeterred by Toto’s warning and continued to hop around him.

Toto was getting annoyed and decided to teach the rabbit a lesson. He slowly got up and started to chase the rabbit, hoping to scare it away. Chasing the rabbit, Toto heard a big sound. Looking back, he saw the tree under which it was sleeping had fallen.

Toto realized he had been too quick to judge the rabbit and felt guilty for scaring it. In fact, the rabbit helped Toto from dying under the tree. Toto apologized to the rabbit and asked if they could play together instead. The rabbit was happy to hear this and agreed to play with Toto.

From that day on, Toto and the rabbit became good friends. They played together often, and Toto even taught the rabbit how to hunt. Toto learned an important lesson that day, to be patient and understanding with others, even if they disturb his sleep.