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A Foiled Honeycomb Operation

Hey, it's a large honeycomb!

A bear and a monkey were good friends. Monkey scouts through the forest looking for honeycomb, jumping from tree to tree. If the monkey spots a honeycomb on a tree, he gives the information to the bear. Then the bear climbs the tree and grabs the honeycomb. The monkey gets a share of honey from the bear.

One day, as usual, the bear and the monkey were engaged in a honeycomb operation. This time, it was a big honeycomb hanging from a tree.

“Um, it seems there is a lot of honey in it. See, it is dripping honey,” said the monkey.

“Yes, but we have to be careful. There will be large number of bees inside the honeycomb,” said the bear.

The bear slowly climbed the tree and put its hand on the honeycomb. But the timing of the operation was not the right time. The bees inside the honeycomb were having a party to celeberate the reward they received for the biggest honeycomb in the forest.

The Attack

“On your toes, we are under attack,” the bee queen asked the bee solidiers to get ready to attack the intruders. The bees saw the bear climbing the tree and the monkey sitting near the honeycomb.

Surviving A Bee Chase!

Bees started chasing the bear and the monkey. Bear and the Monkey ran to save themselves from the angry bees. When they saw a river, they jumped into it. They had to spend hours in the river until the bees returned.

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