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A Big Game Plan Was Just Foiled

It's a great life deep in the forest!

The tiger was in the village and saw a cow. The tiger wanted to eat the cow. But if it attacks the cow, it will cry out loudly waking up the whole village.  The tiger had a big game plan to catch the cow. It slowly approached the cow. Hidden behind the bush, the tiger whispered.

“Hey, are you coming with me? It’s a lot of fun in the forest, very different from here. You will have a lot of exciting things to do there every day,”

“Who are you? Please introduce yourself,” asked the cow.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I come from the forest here on a friendly visit. I think I found a good friend in you. Let’s go and enjoy the forest,” said the tiger.

“Sure, I’ll come. But let me first get permission from my guardian dog. He’s sitting there,” said the cow.

“Can I go with this stranger inviting me to his home?” the cow called out loudly to the dog. The dog saw the tiger and alerted the villagers by barking loudly. The whole village woke up, came running saw the tiger. The tiger had no option. He gad ti flee the village. Villagers chased the tiger. Somehow the tiger managed to escape into the forest.

The tiger never returned to the village again. The cow thanked the dog for rescuing her from falling prey to the tiger.

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