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Tiger And The Rabbit

Nice rabbit for my lunch

The rabbit realized that it was spotted by the tiger. If the rabbit tries to tun, the tiger would definitely kill. Because that provokes the tiger. The rabbit stayed there like a statue. “I should not have come here in the first place. Now there is no room for regret but to act smart. I’ve to act differently to save the situation,” thought the rabbit.

The tiger was staring at the rabbit. Usually, tigers would like to play with their prey before killing it. The tiger made some sounds to scare the rabbit. The tiger’s plan was to chase the rabbit before killing it. But the rabbit didn’t move and sat there like a statue.

The tiger was confused. Why is the rabbit not moving? He just couldn’t understand it. The tiger decided to leave the rabbit because he thought that the rabbit was not an ordinary one. “He has some wicked plans. I should not take the risk of attacking it!” thought the tiger and ran away.

Now, the rabbit heaved a sigh of relief and ran to his home. His worried mother was waiting for her son because it was late in the evening. When the rabbit reached home, he told everything that had happened to his mother. “You are smart, dear. “Your father did exactly the same trick to escape from the hands of a tiger,” said the rabbit mother and said that she would tell everybody about her son’s braveness. The rabbit smiled.

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