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This Fox Is Trying To Sabotage The Train

Oops, I must do something fast!

The bunny train was heading north carrying passengers to their holiday destination. It’s winter time. All passengers inside the train were happy and excited about how to spend their holidays.

The bunny engine driver looked outside the engine room and saw something strange. On a closer look, the bunny saw the track had two big rocks placed upon them. A fox was standing beside the rocks. The fox’s intention was clear that the fox wanted to sabotage the train so that he could eat all the rabbit passengers of the train.

The bunny slowed the train. The fox was waiting for the train to hit the rocks. But the slow train pushed the rocks away, outside the track, and the tracks were cleared.  The fox’s plan to sabotage the train didn’t work out. So the angry fox tried to jump onto the train. But the bunny speeded the train. The fox lost its balance and fell down. The injured fox was taken to the hospital and jailed for the sabotage attempt.

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