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The Little Worm Hunter

Look at this mother, a big worm I found

The little duck was in the backyard looking for worms. She found a worm on the ground. She picked up the big worm from the ground with her tiny beak.

“Quack Quack, Mom, look here, see what I have found!” the excited chick screamed loudly. The mother duck was also busy picking the worms from the ground and turned her head. She saw her duckling holding a scorpion in its beak. What the mother duck saw shocked her.

“Hey, you picked the wrong one. Drop it down at once,” said the shocked mother duck, who came running to her chick.

The baby duck dropped her new catch and asked her mother what was wrong with her catch.

“My dear baby, you haven’t picked a worm. You picked a scorpion. It could have bitten you. I can’t imagine if you had gulped it. Luckily, I saw it. I will show you which ones to pick,” said the mother duck.

“I am sorry, mother. I need to learn more,” said the baby duck, and followed her mother to learn how to pick the right worms of her own.

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