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Hssss., Look Here, I Need A Help!

Nice to meet you Mr. Cat

As usual, the cat was walking in the backyard. After a heavy lunch of fresh fish, a cat was searching for a place to rest. Then he heard a strange voice. Hssss, Hsss. The cat looked around but couldn’t see anybody. Then he saw that. It was a snake behind the bush calling him.

“Oh, a snake. I need to run for my life,” the cat thought.

“Hey, Mr. Cat. Why are you running away from me? I won’t bite you. Can you please do me a favor?” asked the snake.

“What favor do you need from me,” the cat asked, keeping a safe distance from the snake.

“You are a brave cat. If you can keep an eye on my eggs, that’s helpful. A bad crow is trying to steal my eggs,” said the snake.

“I can keep an eye on your eggs. But that won’t help you. Because these crows are very intelligent. What you do is dig another hole to keep the eggs, and I will bring you a board, “Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted,” said the cat.

“Oh, that’s a good idea,” said the snake.

“The cat installed the board that read, “Trespassers (Even a crow) Will Be Prosecuted,”

The snake thanked the cat for helping her. The crow saw the bird and never tried to steal snake eggs.

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