The Untold Story Of An Apple Tree

cat before an apple tree
Can I Have One Of Those Red Apples?

“Can I have one of those apples hanging in the tree?” the bird asked the cat.  “Sure, you are my best friend. Have it,” the cat replied.  So the bird ate an apple. It was very delicious. You are lucky since you own this tree that is having a lot of apples, the bird envied at the cat.

“You are mistaken. I am not the owner of the tree. This apple tree had no apples until last year. The tree started bearing the apples only this year. Last year, the owner of the tree came here with an Axe in his hand to cut down the tree. I pleaded him not to cut down the tree and wait for one more year,” the cat said.

“How nice of you, you saved the tree, so that produces very delicious fruits to show it’s gratitude.” the bird told the cat. “Thank you, my dear friend. When I see birds come here for the apple, I feel proud that I saved the tree. By the by, where are you now going?” asked the cat. “Oh, I am going to another part of the world tomorrow with my friends before the winter starts. Have a nice day, will meet next year.” saying that the bird flew away.


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The Untold Story Of An Apple Tree The Untold Story Of An Apple Tree

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