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A Tough Catch

Um, I Can See A Delicious Lunch Floating Around

It’s time for lunch.

The seagull spotted a fish swimming in the sea. The seagull was patiently waiting for the right time to catch the fish.

“It’s too a big fish for you. Look for another one,” advised its friend.

“No, I am strong. Look at my wings, I can fly fast. I am going to catch the fish. Just watch me doing it, then you will understand,” said the seagull.

“Ready, one, two, three, here I go,” the seagull flew around the fish and grabbed the fish. But the heavy fish was too much for the seagull. It couldn’t fly because of the weight of the fish. But he didn’t want to lose the fish. The seagull couldn’t hold the fish and fell into the sea, and the fish got a narrow escape.

The seagull couldn’t fly because the wet feather prevented the seagull from flying. It had a hard time struggling in the water. Somehow he managed to fly away to the deck of a ship, which was on its way to the shore.

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