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The Lion Is Here

I Hope He Won't Look Back

Some baby rabbits were playing hide and seek near their home in the forest. Suddenly, they had an unexpected guest. A big lion came that way. Luckily all other babies went hiding as a part of the hide and seek game. But one of the rabbits found himself just behind the lion as he couldn’t go hiding.

“Oops, he is here hunting for food, I must remain calm. I can’t ask for help, if I raise my voice, the lion will find me and I will be finished. This is the time to learn some self-control. I hope he will not look back,” the baby rabbit was too frightened.

The lion spent some time looking around, the rabbit baby had no clue what to do, he was just behind the cruel lion. But he never uttered a sound. His parents came to know that their son was in big trouble, but was helpless. But the baby rabbit played very smartly, he remained there without making any sound. Finally, the lion went his way and the rabbit baby came down. All rabbits were happy and told him that he is a hero. The baby rabbit was too happy about it.

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