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Dog Trainer Trusted His Dog

Hope My Instructions Are Clear

“Be a good boy, my dear. I will be back only after two days. Hope you can manage my house while I am not here. When I come back, if I find you doing your duty diligently, you will be rewarded. I will bring a great gift for you, Ok?” the dog trainer had the instructions clear for the dog.

The dog waved its tail as if it understood everything. Now the house is under his control and he is patiently waiting for the gift promised. Can you guess what happened the very next day? Two stray dogs were walking before his house. “Hey, join me for a party,” the dog invited the stray dogs to his house. All dogs had a great time together.

After two days, the dog trainer returned to his home only to find the whole house in a mess with stray dogs partying all day. “You just can’t understand me,” the dog trainer exclaimed. But the dog was cool and he promptly barked at the stray dogs as if he was seeing them for the first time. The stray dogs ran away. “Now you behave like a trained dog,” the dog trainer said to the dog and gave him the promised reward.

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