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Captain Seagull And His Musings

So Far, So Good!

From this point onwards, I am the captain of this ship. I have taken charge. I am shouldering myself the big responsibility of navigating this gigantic ship safely to the port. This tough water requires an experienced captain can sail the ship safely to the port. There are several hidden rocks all over this place. If the captain is not careful, it can destroy the ship.

I have got several years of shipping experience tucked under my feathers. Nobody can beat me in ship navigation through the rocks and tough waters.  Are you wondering why I am doing this? I took this duty voluntarily after I witnessed a nasty shipwreck a few years ago. On that fateful day, the inexperienced captain behind the wheel made a wrong decision, and the ship struck on a big rock.

The hull of the ship was broken apart. Unfortunately, it was an oil container carrying tons of oil. All that oil spilled on the sea which made our lives a lot difficult for a long time.  That’s why I am doing this duty without fail.

Today, the waves are calm, so navigation is quite easy. “Hey steer the wheel carefully, more to the left, there is a rock on our path!”

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