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The Hug Fox

Baby, stay away from the fox, I warn you!

The fox has difficulty hunting the animals. It was impossible for the fox to run because he hurt his leg while chasing an animal. Now, a great idea occurred to him. To pretend that he wants to hug an animal. When an animal comes near him, he will say he wants to hug it. When the animal comes near to hug the fox, the fox can easily catch it.

The fox had a neat plan. So he waited for a small animal to come near him to work his plan.

So, here comes a baby rabbit. “Hey, baby, you look so cute. Come near me. Let me hug you,” said the fox.

Poor baby rabbit didn’t know about the intention of the fox.

Luckily, a bird appeared and warned the baby rabbit to run away. The baby rabbit obeyed the bird and ran away.

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