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The Fox And The Rhino

Charge him at once!

“There he is. That lion was telling all sorts of lies about you. Charge him right away,” the fox provoked the rhino.

“The rhino, with its hit leg, pushed the ground hard for the momentum. Then it ran towards the lion to hit the lion with its strong horn and throw it away.

The lion was clueless about what was happening with the rhino. It was eating the day’s hunt. He didn’t do anything to provoke the rhino. Still, the rhino is in fighting spirit. So, the lion ran away.

“You are powerful and brave,” the fox commented to the rhino.

“Thanks for the compliment,” the rhino went to his herd.

“Come folks, enjoy my treat,” the fox invited his friends for a feast on the carcass left by the lion.

All of them had a great feast on the leftover from the lion.

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