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I am in danger, please help me!

The End Of The Trouble Maker

The monkey and the crocodile were friends. The monkey lived on a high tree, and the crocodile was living in the river.

One day, the monkey fell into the river from the high tree he was sleeping on after a heavy lunch. The crocodile saw the falling monkey and rushed to the monkey. The monkey thought that the crocodile was coming to rescue him. But the monkey was terribly wrong. The crocodile wanted to eat the monkey with his big open mouth.

Somehow, the monkey managed to grab the branch of the tree that was lying low into the river and had a narrow escape from the mouth of the bad crocodile.

“I am no more your friend,” declared the monkey.

“Who needs a friendship with a silly monkey? I will find some other monkey and befriend him until it becomes my lunch,” said the crocodile mocking the monkey.

After that bad experience with the crocodile, the monkey was looking for an opportunity to teach the crocodile lesson.

One day an Elephant came to the river to drink water.  As the elephant was drinking water from the river, it felt a strange feeling on its legs.  It was the same crocodile who tried to eat the monkey.

The crocodile pulled the elephant by its leg and was trying to drag him to the middle of the lake. The elephant couldn’t understand what was happening.

The monkey was watching all the hunting game crocodile was playing on the poor elephant. The monkey immediately passed the message to the elephant herd grazing in the nearby meadow. All elephants rushed to the spot to rescue the elephant trapped by the croc.

One of the elephants stepped into the river and saw the crocodile under the water. The elephant put its heavy legs on top of the crocodile crushing it to death. 

The rescued elephant thanked the monkey for his timely action. All elephants thanked the monkey. The monkey told them about the bad experience he had from the crocodile when he fell into the river.

“The crocodile is no more, and we can drink water from the river fearlessly,” the monkey said. Everybody was happy.