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The Day When A Rhino Went Hornless

You have the horn here itself

Some poachers were after the rhino to cut its longhorn. The rhino was running as fast as he could to save his horn, but the hunters shot him in the leg.

The rhino never thought that these poachers would target him. Because the rhino thought no poachers would dare to come near a strong him, who could even topple their vehicle.

The rhino, wounded by the shot, fell. The poachers, showing no mercy, took his horn and vanished. After some time, the rhino woke up from his unconsciousness. 

“Oh, my strong horn is stolen. What should I do now? A rhino without a horn is not a rhino anymore. Nobody will respect me,” the rhino started crying.

“Hey, Mr. Rhino, why are you crying?” asked a monkey.

“See, my horn is gone. Some poachers came and shot me. They took my horn away. Now I am hornless. Nobody will now fear me,” said the rhino, crying.

“Hey, Mr. Rhino, don’t worry. Your horn is still there. I have not seen any hunters here,” said the monkey who hanged and played on the rhino’s horn.

“Is my horn still there? I am so much relieved. I think I had a bad dream. Thanks for letting me know about it,” said the rhino.

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