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The Brave Squirrel

Mom, please come back, the nasty dog is here!

The baby squirrel saw a little ball on the ground.

“Mom, I want that ball. Can you please bring that ball to me?” the baby squirrel pleaded to his mother.

“Sure, son. Let me see if I can go down and grab the ball. I hope that nasty dog is not around,” said the mother squirrel.

The mother squirrel came down the tree. She observed the surroundings from a distance. The squirrel wanted to make sure that the dog was not there. Then, she slowly approached the ball. “Mother, come back. The dog is running to you,” screamed the baby squirrel from the tree top.

The dog came running. The mother squirrel almost fainted with fear. But she regained her mind and stood there.

“Hey, are you not afraid of me?” asked the dog.

“No, I am not afraid of you. Why should I be afraid of a good dog like you?” asked the squirrel.

The squirrel’s good words flattened the dog.

“I am hearing for the first time somebody good things about me,” thank you, Ms. Squirrel. You can take the ball for your son,” said the dog.

The squirrel took the ball and climbed the tree. She gave the ball to her son. The baby squirrel was happy and started playing with the ball.

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