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The Rat Who Helped The Baby Elephant

Can you help me please?

The worried baby elephant approached the rat for help. The hunters caught his mother, tied with a rope.

The baby elephant planned a rescue operation. He rushed to the rat because the baby elephant knew the rat could tear the rope apart with its strong teeth. After a frantic search for the rat, the elephant finally found him busy cracking a nut.

“Mr. Rat, I was searching for you. Thank god I finally found you. Can you please come with me and rescue my mother from the hunter’s trap by tearing the rope apart?” the baby elephant requested the rat.

“No problem dear, I will come with my friends and we will work it out. Your mother will be soon free,” the rat assured the baby elephant.

The Rescue Operation

The rat and his friends started working on the rope. It was a teamwork. After a few hours of continuous grinding, the rope broke apart and freed the elephant’s mother.

The mother elephant hugged the baby elephant. They thanked the rats for their timely help.

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