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Squirrel And The Rabbit

This is so tasty

The squirrel was sitting in his home top of a tree trying to crack a hard to crack nut. The rabbit came out of the rabbit hole and started chomping a carrot.

The squirrel came down the tree to talk to the rabbit.

“Hey, why are you here? I am not going to give even a small carrot piece to you,” said the rabbit.

“I am here to warn you that you are in the radar of a bad fox. I saw a fox staring at you from the top of my treehome. If you want to escape, just run for your life” said the squirrel.

The rabbit realised that he was in great danger. The rabbit thanked the squirrel, and vanished into a bush. The squirrel went to his treehome. When the fox reached the place, he couldn’t spot the rabbit and was disappointed. The squrrel saw the fox returned, signalled the rabbit. The rabbit was back and ate the carrot. The rabbit thanked the squirrel for helping him. He also said sorry for behaving rudely at first.

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