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Smart Monkey And The Rogue Elephant

Look, How Strong I Am!

The elephant was at it again. Shaking the tree to frighten the tree inhabitants.

“Will stop doing this?” asked the monkey.

“No, I won’t. I am enjoying shaking the tree. Look how strong I am?” said the elephant.

The monkey had no clue what to do next. If he let the elephant continue doing that, the tree would be uprooted making the inhabitants of the tree homeless.

The monkey saw the ants in the tree, requested them to go inside elephant’s trunk and bite. The ants were brave, had no fear of elephant. So they stepped into the elephant’s trunk and started biting. This sudden attack by the ants made the elephant go crazy.

“Hey, what’s happening with me?” he shouted and started running here and there. The ants stopped biting and that made the elephant a lot relaxed.

“You see, if you ever touch this tree, I will give you this. So stay away from the tree,” the monkey shouted.

The elephant ran away, never to come back.

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