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Everybody Got A Skill Of Their Own

Don't worry, Mr. Lion

“Somebody, please help me to come out of this dam thing,” screamed the lion.

A rat saw the plight of the lion, who got trapped in a hunter’s net. “Don’t worry, Mr. Lion, I will help you to come out of the net. Just stay calm, or the hunters will come to know about you, and pick you up,” said the rat.

“How a small rat like you can help me?” whispered the lion.

“Mr. Lion, just see my sharp teeth. I could cut anything with my sharp teeth. This net is not a big thing for me,” said the rat by displaying it’s sharp teeth before the lion.

“Ok,Ok,I trust you. Just start working on the net. If you free me, you will be rewarded handsomely,” said the lion to motivate the rat to speed up its job.

The rat started diligently working on the net, slowly cutting the net with its sharp teeth. It was a difficult job for the rat with the strong net. After spending almost two hours, the rat completed it’s job. Finally the lion could free himself from the net.

“Mr. Rat, I am grateful for your service. You saved me from this net. If you had not helped me, I would have ended up in a zoo. Also, I learned a new lesson today. Everybody is blessed with one or other kind of skill which comes in handy to help others,” the lion thanked the rat. The rat smiled and went its way.

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