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Saving The Rooster

Don't go near the hole!

A rooster was curious about the hole in the tree. The rooster thought that there is something to eat inside the hold. One day, he decided to explore the tree hole and went near the hole.

“Hey, Mr. Rooster, you are in the danger zone. Move back immediately,” somebody was shouting from the tree top. It was a monkey from the top of the tree warning the rooster. Hearing the warning, the rooster jumped back. At the same time, a long snake came out of the hole to catch the rooster. But before the snake could get the rooster, it ran away. The snake was furious and stared at the monkey.

“I will get you one day,” the angry snake shouted at the monkey.

Later that day, the monkey came to see the rooster. The rooster thanked the monkey for the warning he made. The monkey was happy that it could save a life.

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