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Rhino Who Takes Pride In His Strong Horn

Today Is A Bad Day For Me!

The rhino walked along the road holding his strong horn up.  He loves his horn, that’s a weapon that comes to his rescue when he fights with other animals, helping him win the fights easily.  The rhino just had an unpleasant encounter with a car.  He never wants to hurt anybody, but the car ran into trouble when it entered the rhino’s territory. What did he do? He flipped the car upside down.

It turned out that the car belonged to a group of poachers who wanted to pluck a rhino’s valuable horn. It was an unexpected move from the rhino, and the poachers had to flee for their life. A rhino takes a lot of pride in its strong horn.  He doesn’t want anybody to touch his horn, which is his symbol of strength. What do you think about a rhino and its strong horn?

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