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Hey Kids, Look At This

rhino training kids
Please listen to me kids

Kids, it’s time to learn some marshal arts. Look at me how I charge our enemy, that silly buffalo with my strong horn.

It’s going to be a tough time for the buffalo, who encroached the rhinoceros territory unknowingly. Rhinos are very aggressive when it comes to encroaching their territories. They don’t tolerate trespassers and deal with them tough. They don’t show any mercy towards tresspasser. Strong and bold, it’s tough to escape from a charging rhino.

The rhino kids are learning fast their self defense, likeke every other animal, They get their survival lessons from their parents. They don’t have to go to school like we do. Rhinos will not wait a moment before striking their target. So beware, there is a big rhino waiting over there staring at you. Despite of their huge body, they can run fast and chase you mad.

Next time when you go for a wild safari, try to spot a rhino.

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