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Rabbit Ride On The Toy Train

Hey kid, watch out!

“Oh my child, what are you doing? you’ll be hit by the train, stay away from the track,” baby rabbit’s mother screamed. But the baby rabbit stood there, and the toy train was fast approaching. “Give way, or else I’ll hit you,” the toy train honked. But the baby rabbit was not hearing anything, he just stood right on the middle of the track.

The toy train applied sudden break, and came to a screeching halt, stood there face to face with the baby rabbit. “What do you want? Why are you wasting my time standing on my track?” the toy train was really angry about the baby rabbit. I just need a train ride, can you help me? he asked. Ok, jump in, we’ll go for a ride, the toy train smiled and agreed. The baby rabbit was on to the toy train. The train took the baby rabbit for a couple of rounds. It was a great ride for the baby rabbit. He was so happy to get a toy train ride.

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