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Change Of Season, Preparing For Migration

It's Time To Migrate.

A male and a female bird sitting on a branch of tree were discussing their future. The male bird said it’s time to go for migration to a new place, as the winter is making its headway. It would be difficult for us to survive the harsh winter, as the food will be scarce during the winter time, the male bird said.

Same thought here too, I feel less secured here, even now it’s difficult to find enough food, the female bird said. It’s a good decision, go ahead and let’s do the migration for the sake of our future family, the female bird gave her nod.

Two birds started to prepare themselves to get ready for the journey. It’s a long journey of migration, covering thousands of miles. The place they reach will have another kind of life awaiting them. They will not be going alone,  they will be joining hundreds and thousands of other birds going for their migration.  How do they find the path? Only God knows about it. They have an in-built GPS in their brain that helps them to decide which way to fly. Let us wish them a “Happy and a Safe Journey”.

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