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On A Rainy Day

I Am Sorry To Hear That!

Helping somebody who’s in real need makes you happy.

One day, the bunny was hopping around. She had a cute small umbrella her mother gave her. The bunny loved her umbrella. She always carried it with her. One day, the hopping bunny saw an elephant sitting in a wheelchair.

“Hey, what happened? Why do you sit in a wheelchair?” asked the bunny.

“Oh, I fell down, and my leg fractured. The doc says I have to be in a wheelchair for a couple of weeks,” said the elephant.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Wish you a speedy recovery. I will pray for you,” said the bunny.

Then the rain started. The elephant had no umbrella. The bunny gave the yellow umbrella to the elephant. It was a small umbrella, but that tiny help made a huge difference. The elephant was in tears.

“I see a lot of kindness in you, my dear. Thanks for this help,” said the elephant. The bunny went home without the umbrella. But it was happy to help the elephant.

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