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Now It's Your Turn!

two bunnies playing hide and seek
Let's Hide-and-Seek

Hide and Seek

Two bunnies were playing hide-and-seek. A fox came that way. One of the bunnies was hiding, and the other bunny was counting.

“Um, today is a good day for me. I will have a feast on these fat bunnies,’ thought the fox.

The fox jumped and grabbed the bunny who was counting.

“Hey, why did you stop counting? It’s not complete until ten,” said the bunny who was hiding. But there was no response.

“Something is wrong,” the bunny hiding in the bush came out. He was shocked to see the fox holding his dear friend.

“Hey, why are you doing this? Leave my friend alone,” shouted the bunny.

“Why should I? I will have a great lunch today. If you stay some more time here, I will eat you too,” said the fox.

Beware Of The Lion

“Hey, look who’s behind? A lion,” said the bunny.

When the fox heard the word lion, he started running. The fox fell down, hitting his leg hard on a rock. The bunny escaped from the hands of the fox. The fox cried in pain.

“You saved me. How can I thank you? Where is the lion, we should run away from here, or he will eat us,” said the bunny.

“Don’t worry, there is no lion here. I was just giving the fox a shock treatment,” said the other bunny. Both the bunnies laughed and ran toward the safety of their home.

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